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Nestled at 1300ft between the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, Aloha Pachamama is a small farm and tree sanctuary where many crops grow within the layers of the forest.   Coffea arabica grows underneath a canopy dominated by macadamia trees, and peppered with a combination of other perennial crops such as bananas, lychees, tangerines and avocados.  This farm is truly a gem of the Kona Coffee Belt.

We are a quick drive from Kailua-Kona and also the wonderful beaches of South Kona.  We are also within walking distance of a variety of grocery shops and local businesses. But when you're on the farm, you will think you are in the middle of nowhere.   

We feel very grateful for the opportunity to care for this land, as it has provided us with an abundance of delicious food and is a true sanctuary that we feel lucky to all home.  

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