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Our Story


Juan Carlos and Corinne met while working in tourism and sustainability in Guatemala and their dream of having a small piece of land was born. Twelve years later the Aloha Pachamama Farm was born, a true melting pot where Latin America and North America found a home in the Hawaiian Islands. We are building a homestead, a food forest and a community of friends who care about raising healthy families on delicious homegrown food.

Corinne is a naturopathic doctor and homesteader who believes that true health and healing comes from a body, mind and spirit lived in alignment with each other. To that end, she owns a busy clinic in town and comes home to get her hands dirty and recharge to the sounds of the birds, the bees and the coqui frogs. She is always up to talk story about life's great adventures with any friend, family, patient or guest.

Juan Carlos is a scuba instructor and farmer and believes that his purpose is to be a steward and advocate for this great Blue Planet. As owner of Mauka Makai Divers, a concierge dive guide company, and our farm manager, he will share his contagious passion and joy for this beautiful island and all its gifts. 

Ceiba and Nola are growing up in a child's paradise and don't know yet how good they have it. They are always excited to share with any visitor about some of their favorite things: kittens, magic and obstacle courses.

As a multicultural and international family, we enjoy traveling and meeting people from other countries. We speak several languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and enjoy uncovering all the special and unique aspects of each culture. Whether you're staying on our farm as family, a friend, a volunteer or a guest, we strive to help make your stay comfortable, relaxing, educational and fun.

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